Artist of the Month-Merilee Tutcik

About Merilee Tutcik:

Backdrops as diverse as Southeast Asia, New York, Russia and Houston have all contributed to the diversity and complexity of artist Merilee Tutcik. Her participation in a broad spectrum of artistic endeavors such as ballet, stage set design, graphic arts, and the paintings and mosaics she has become famous for, define her as a unique and original contributor to the international art world.

Merilee’s life itself is a work in progress; constantly experimenting, exploring and creating. She credits trusting her instincts as the provider of her originality. “You can’t compare what you do with what has already been done. That is re-creating. You must trust yourself, and trust your instincts”. Getting past the fear of making mistakes, of not being good enough, of trying something new; that is what art is about. The process of creation, the excitement of experiment, the spontaneity of being in tune to life’s changes, all becomes a part of the finished artwork.

Currently based in The Villages, Merilee focuses her talents on painting and creating collage Mosaics as well as instructing classes Mosaics at Gilded Matilda’s in Wildwood, Florida.  “I believe that it is important for the artist of today to find ways to utilize items that have been created, used, discarded and destined for the landfills to be recycled into a new vision.” Her aspiration is to create more than she consumes. She also teaches workshops at her studio, and taught at the Society of American Mosaic Artists seminar in Miami in January 2003. In her workshops, Merilee teaches her students to follow their own instincts, and learn to trust themselves and their ideas. There are no mistakes in art. Her enthusiasm and passion for originality are transferred to her students as well as to the artwork she creates.

Ceramic Art Class Wildwood Florida

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