Kathy Mantel-My Art!

Kathy Mantel – Mixed Media Artist

Bit & Bold! Colorful & Expressive! Tactile, whimsical. My art!

My passion is color – be it in my watercolors, mixed media art, batik, clay. I want to infuse as much color as possible in my pieces. I want color to ooze from my art!

I am inspired by everyday things – birds, flowers, sea creatures, animals, chairs, houses – things I want to touch, to see the variety of colors emerging from each item.

Why do I do it? I love to see the smiles my artwork brings. What’s next? Anything! I love experimenting. Trying different combinations. Always doodling, creating, dreaming of what’s next.

Oh, and I put it all on cards, too!

My art “career” began as a little girl in the front yard. My very amazing and talented dad started my training with lessons on perspective, color, scale, composition. Each day I created something – as well as running, jumping, playing. Yes, I was very active!

I attended Cal State, majoring in Art with an emphasis on drawing & painting. Back then it was acrylics, pens, pencils, conti crayons. Now it’s anything and everything! As well as Clay!!!

During my Mom & working years, I discovered Clay! Loved getting down and dirty! My clay pieces are thrown or hand-built, fun & functional. I’ve incorporated painting into my latest pieces. After experimenting with raku, saggar, oxidation and reduction firing, I mostly fire mid-range oxidation – but still going Big & Bold! My big hearty outdoor flowers are always a favorite!

It was a delight to meet you!


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