Mary Wilson-Abstracts!

About Mary:
Mary M. Wilson,  also known as Ghee professionally, is an Acrylic Abstract Artist  whose art career began later in life, entering her first juried show in 2018.
Mary worked for the government as an Information Technology expert accruing 41 years of service.
Soon after retiring she discovered her passion for painting and has never  looked back.  She has recently begun exploring the fascinating subject of mixed media and fervently believes that the possibilities are endless.
Mary is  currently the CEO of UniqueArtByGhee, of which she’s the sole employee/artist. Her website is : and she can be contacted via email at
Ms. Wilson is self taught, with the exception being two recent college level courses in Mixed Media and Oil Painting.
The process of taking a blank canvas and transforming it into something so vividly colored that it almost comes to life is what has essentially taken over her life, but in the most wonderful way possible.
The encouragement and support from friends, family, fellow artists and total strangers has had a tremendous impact on her enthusiasm and determination to continue to create art as long as she possibly can.
Professional achievements include:
2018 River City Art Association’s 10th Annual Juried Exhibition
Terre Haute, Indiana Artist’s Choice Award
2019 Vawter Juried Art Exhibition  People’s Choice Award
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