More Than Special Art by Vicki and Tiffany Pohlman

The story behind the mosaic and jewelry creations by Vicki Pohlman and her

daughter, Tiffany Pohlman, is about being special.

The word “special” creates various images or thoughts for us all. We

want that feeling of being someone special, of having a quality about us that

stands out. Yet for some, being special isn’t a choice; those who live with

Special Needs fight the stigma of the word every day. Holding Tiffany as a

child, whenever the tears of being different, of being special, filled her

beautiful eyes, Vicki would try to create a new meaning for her. “You are so

much more than special” became a daily mantra for the two.

When we lived in St. Louis, Tiffany worked in a wonderful Adaptive

Employment setting, and Vicki taught high school English. However, after

moving to Florida, they discovered that it is much more difficult for adults

with special needs to find work. This created a new challenge of finding a

way to continue helping Tiffany remember that she is not “just special” – and

a need to remind her that all adults have a responsibility to earn what they

want to spend. So we took our love of making jewelry and mosaics with

bright, fun colors, and our desire to make everyone feel special and created

our little company – More Than Special Custom Jewelry and Mosaics.


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